For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have eternal life - John 3:16

Vicar - Rev. Dr. John George

Build up and not tear down

Let’s heed the call to build up not tear down

The second quarter of the year is marked by the observances of days calling attention to urgent degenerating aspects of the earth and its environment. This is universal in its appeal cutting across countries around the globe – Environment Day, Earth Day, Earth Hour, and so on. All of these observances point us to one central focus – This wondrous and magical creation of God Almighty is gifted to us humans to live and enjoy and inhabit. But sadly humanity is so depraved and blinded in its self satisfying pursuit that man failed to see the precious worth of this universe and we continue to plunder and pillage it in a multitude of ways through gross negligence, utter disregard for nature and wreck the delicate balance in the ecosystem. Selfish and lucrative dreams and aspirations of humans are erected on the devastating destruction and erosion of the environment, polluting it and contaminating it to a level where nature struggles to cohabit with humans…

Birthday & Wedding Anniversary



In our Parish


  1. Mr. C. S. Varghese, RCF/Mahul, February 12th 2021
  2. Mrs. Kunjukunjamma Abraham, Chedda Nagar, March 30th 2021
  3. Mr. Lukose Samuel, RCF/Mahul, May 26th 2021
  4. Mrs. Aleyamma Mathews, Central Chembur 1, June 5th 2021


  • Benita Mary Georgy, daughter of Dr. Georgy John and Dr. Priya Georgy was baptized on January 23rd, 2021
  • Reuben Jerry Jacob, son of Jerry Jacob and Anne Jerry Jacob was baptized on May 23rd, 2021

Please pray for both the children to have a good spiritual initiation through baptism. We welcome both Benita Mary Georgy and Reuben Jerry Jacob to the faith community of the Chembur Mar Thoma family.


Sneha Bhojanam

Matthew 25:40, KJV: “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

The Chembur Mar Thoma Church has undertaken a humble but heart-warming project of feeding the hungry in our neighbourhood through the Sneha Bhojanam project.

Driven by the vision, passion and heart for hurting and hungry people of our Achen and Kochamma this venture got off to a heady start with support from the NGO Roti Bank on May 14th. They supply food for about 60-70 people which is delivered at the church. There it is packed into individual containers and supplied to two municipal hospitals – Maa and Shatabdi. Approximately 30- 40 meals are distributed every afternoon. The balance meals are distributed to hungry, destitute elders lying on the streets.

From the last week of May it was decided this whole project from procurement of materials to cooking, packing and distribution will be done from our church. The services of two lady helpers are used  to cook food under stringent supervision and in hygienic conditions and then packed for distribution. The food prepared comprises of rice, dal and a vegetable dish. This is then packed into disposable containers and distributed.

This yields about 65-70 meals a day which is distributed to the two hospitals and to hungry street and pavement dwellers many of whom have not had a decent meal in days.

This venture has been ably supported by volunteers from our church along with a few ladies and men from our school who assist with cooking, packing and distribution.

The church is indebted to the team of committed volunteers who willingly come daily to assist with packing and distribution.

The driving force behind this entire philanthropic exercise is our Achen’s heart for the poor, needy and hungry.

May God Almighty continue to bless all those who are involved with this meals on wheels venture and may it bless all the recipients of these meals prepared and distributed, enflamed by Christ’s love for all humanity.

Please visit the Gallery page for the pictures.

Mar Thoma School Maharashtra SSC 2021 Toppers

Mar Thoma School Maharashtra SSC 2021 Toppers

Sunday School New Academic Year 2022

Teacher’s dedication was held at the holy communion service on 30th January 2022 before beginning the new academic year class sessions. Our virtual Sunday School classes reopened on 6th February 2022, post our short Christmas holiday break.

By the grace of God we have 6 new additions to our Sunday school teachers group for the academic year 2022. Three of these new teachers have recently graduated from the Prouda class group of Sunday School and it is an inspiration to see our young minds take up this divine responsibility alongside their own academic schedules. It is indeed a blessing to see this progressive shift in our Sunday school teaching team which is shepherding our precious children during the early years of their spiritual life.

Sunday School Teachers 2022


Worship Service

Holy Communion in Malayalam 

Holy Communion in Malayalam 

Holy Communion in English

Holy Communion in Malayalam 

Combined Divine Service

At 8:00am every Sunday at the Church

Meets every Sunday after the Church Service

Meets for practice every Saturday at 7:30 PM at the Church premises

Fasting Prayer on Thursdays at 10 AM & Fellowship Meetings on Fridays at 7:30 PM

1st Tuesday of every month for prayer & fellowship

Has regular fellowship meetings on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of every month immediately after the worship service

Prayer Groups

The parish has 11 Prayer Groups under the leadership of the Vicar. Members living in the areas meet together regularly on Saturday / Sunday at 5pm or 7pm, for Prayer, Bible Study & Sharing


New Umeed Bhavan

Umeed Bhavan

Cancer Care Centre

The Umeed Cancer Care Centre provides support to outstation Cancer Patients and their families, most of who are from very underprivileged backgrounds. Our focus is to provide residential accommodation, free food and conveyance from the Hospital to the Centre for patients and their relatives. The Centre, which can accommodate 20 patients and their attendants, is located in a house of about 600 sq. ft. having ground + first floor at Paylipada, Trombay.

Marthoma School Band

Mar Thoma School, Maharashtra

K-10 English Medium School based on State Board Syllabus

Mar Thoma Syrian Church, Chembur started the Mar Thoma School Maharashtra in the year 1982 with K.G. classes having a strength of 12 students under the headship of Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa (then Rev. Joseph Jacob, parish vicar) and Mrs. Renee Joseph. Our first batch of SSC students appeared to the board exam in March 1996.

The present school building was inaugurated on 15th November 2002. The school under the guidance of governing council and committed teachers continued to grow steadily and gradually into a full–fledged secondary school having a current strength of 1700 students up to Class X.

Shivaji Nagar Medical

Health Outreach Programme

Medical Dispensary

The Edavaka Mission of Chembur Parish runs a medical dispensary at Shivaji Nagar - one of the biggest and densely populated slum communities in Mumbai. Most of the population consists of immigrants from UP and Bihar who live in pathetic social and economic conditions.

This dispensary is operational entirely with the support of doctors and volunteers from the Parish. The dispensary sees high patient turnover and operates within a premises provided by the Municipal Corporation.


Paratwada Congregation

Evangelical Outreach Program

Chembur Parish Edavaka Mission takes joy & pride to be entrusted with the responsibility of connecting with God’s children in the Paratwada region of Vidharbha. The Paratwada Mission is a part of the evangelical outreach program of the Mumbai Diocese. Paratwada, in Amravati District, is not a well-developed region. Many parts of the region are known to deprivation, natural resources are scarce, farm activities are subdued due to low rainfall and regular draught conditions.

The mission was elevated as a Congregation recently. However, Chembur Parish remains connected to the families through regular exchange programs, for fellowship, interactions & bonding in the love of our Good Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  As this small congregation grows in the coming years, we remain committed to be a part of their journey of enhancing their social well-being.