The Suvishesha Sevikha Sangham is one of the active organisations of the Chembur Mar Thoma Church. It consists of all women over the age of 18 and it plays an integral role to support the parish to execute its vision and mission. Sevika Sangham members actively participate in all the parish activities. We believe that our parish is the Lord’s vineyard and as members of this parish we are called to be the disciples of Jesus Christ to serve and propagate the Good News to the society around.

As part of the programme, regular fellowship meetings of the Sevikha Sangham are held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month immediately after the worship service.  Singing, sharing, Bible study, intercessory prayer, etc. are part of this meeting. These meetings are intended to help women studying the word of God, forge a closer bond among them and also to nurture them spiritually to be role models in their families and community.

Our Sevikha Sangham members actively participate in all the activities and programmes conducted under the umbrella of the Centre and Diocese. Members attend the regional camps, mission tours, conferences, fund raising events etc., of the Navi Mumbai Centre and also at the Diocesan level. They are also active in various deputation programs of the diocese where our sevikas visit other parishes to share the Word of God and communicate their testimony. Talent competitions conducted by the Centre and Diocese sees an enthusiastic participation from our sangham members and they return back with laurels regularly.

Sevikha Sangham day is observed in the parish on 2nd Sunday of September, every year. The day sees an active participation from ladies in the church service including intercessory prayers, sermon, offertory collection etc.. The day is usually observed as a ‘Traditional Sunday’ and various cultural programmes of Kerala State is on display through skits, dance, songs and other entertainment items. All parish members relish the traditional ‘sadya’ that is hosted by the Sevikas. All these activities revive fond memories of our home land and is also an exposure for children who otherwise do not have a chance to witness the cultural heritage of Kerala. Sevika Sangham is also actively involved in other activities of the Parish. They play an active role on special occasions like Harvest Festival, Parish Day, Passion Week, Christmas etc.

All activities need a financial backing. Besides the grant money from the Parish, Sangham members whole-heartedly contribute as per need and also for evangelical work through the Saujanya Danam collection and the Duppy collection to support the under privileged children. Our Sevika Sangham is always committed to support the activities of various organisations of the Sabha and Diocese, including Mumbai Navjeevan Centre.