Empty Tomb

Easter – A Message of Hope

Vicar - Rev. Dr. John George

Easter is the harbinger of hope.

Wish you all a happy and hopeful Easter.

The world is going through a very torrid time. Tribulations and uncertainty stemming from Covid-19 has steam rolled thousands of lives sending them to their grave and cast many others under a horrific spell of spine-chilling fear and raw anxiety. Death reigns supreme as the victor of this feared epidemic. 

The Easter tidings of victory over death and its fear played out two thousand years ago when the tomb where Jesus was buried was found empty. This Incarnation of Jesus shows God’s greatest act of love in history and His resurrection demonstrates God’s supreme, ultimate and unchallenged triumph over death, sin and the grave. Easter brings us the gift of life.

World leaders, philosophers, multi-millionaires, religious leaders and researchers – everyone is a helpless victim of the fear of death. Jesus became a curse when he died on that cross that Good Friday. Through His resurrection Jesus has dispelled our burden of fear and its crippling stranglehold over life. Jesus Christ erased the fear of death through His death and resurrection. 

Death has lost its sting and the grave its victory. The quality of our life can no longer be threatened by anyone. Easter’s greatest lesson to humanity is that truth is victorious and in truth there lurks no shadow of death. Fear comes from darkness; Satan always uses this tool to manipulate the world. Resurrection is a continuing experience. Resurrection is a reality and is a gift of God to the world. 

Grace is the energy which imbues us with this resurrection experience in our day to day affairs. 

Resurrection from anger, selfishness, addictions, jealousy, evil thoughts, and a host of other negative factors is necessary in our lives. There can be many resurrections and easter experiences in one’s life. 

Our eternal journey after death begins from the last resurrection. Remember, resurrection is a perspective to gain victory over any pain and bondage.

Resurrection gives us the commission to be His witness. The born-again experience is mandatory to become His witness. God always leads us to a transformation just like the ones that transpired in the lives of Jacob to Israel and Saul to Paul.

The Risen Christ promises His living presence with us always. The empty cross and the empty tomb are the essence of our hope. Life without Easter would be a life without hope. Our faith journey starts from the empty tomb and the cross is a live experience and exercise that each of us must personally undergo. 

The Easter community is a hope-filled community that can look forward to a born-again experience. 

Beloved in Christ, wait for the next opportune time to resurrect in your life. 

Viktor Emil Frankl was an Australian neurologist and holocaust survivor. In his famous writing ‘A man’s search for meaning’, he portrays his meaningful Easter. All his relatives were killed by Hitler and he became lonely and went into severe depression. One day early in the morning he had tried to cut a nerve in a bid to commit suicide. As he opened the window as there wasn’t sufficient light in his room his eyes beheld the ground outside – a beautiful carpet of fresh flowers. Despite the drought season this sudden appearance of such a profusion of flowers from the nearest trees triggered a thought in his mind. He gave up his plan to commit suicide and wrote “that was the day of my resurrection-Easter”.

Our Risen Lord is our strength and power. May this year’s Easter empower our hearts with HOPE.

Yours in Jesus Christ


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