Message from the Vicar

Vicar - Rev. Dr. John George

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ !!

We warmly welcome all visitors to this website of Chembur Mar Thoma Church, one of the parishes of The Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church, established by St. Thomas, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ in AD 52. We as parish share the doctrines, practices, and traditions of Mar Thoma Church since its inception in 1968. We are eastern, apostolic, episcopal, evangelical, reformed, missionary, ecumenical, democratic, global, and culturally indigenized. We affirm the Nicene Creed as the faith affirmation and believe in Trinity- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – ‘threeyeka daivam’. The Liturgy of our church depicts the theological stand of Mar Thoma Church. 

We experience the living presence of Jesus Christ the Lord and liberator in sacraments and exercise spiritual disciplining and oneness with Him in Holy Qurbana. Open Bible and church traditions are followed as the basis of faith and practices. We are Christo-centric at the same time human-centered and earth-centered in worldview. Mar Thoma Church firmly upholds the teachings and doctrines of St. Paul, the builder and architect of the Christian Church. The Church fathers, clergies and laities are fondly remembered and revered. We believe that through them God has spoken to generations and moulded the Mar Thoma Church over the centuries. “Lighted to lighten”, the logo of Mar Thoma Church shows its centrifugal mission focus to the world with social and ecological thrust.

We are privileged to be part of the body of Christ and a blessed community of believers, in a journey of pilgrimage, committed to renewing ourselves and responsible to protect our environment and make our habitat a better place. We have well appropriated our faith in various outreach activities of the parish such as Mar Thoma School Maharashtra, Umeed – Cancer Care Centre, Shivaji Nagar Medical Dispensary and Parathwada congregation.

Beloved Parishioners, I urge you all to be faithful to God and proceed in your spiritual journey with Him amid affluence and intellectual advancement. Let’s experience our God who is so good in all the situations of life and witness Him wherever you are placed. Be vigilant in your apostolic call and commissioning to all humans and contemporary environmental issues. I wish and pray that this website of Mar Thoma Syrian Church, Chembur enables us to connect better and benefit from the information available. May our Good Lord bless us all.

Rev. Dr. John George


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